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Training your gun dog to be
a dependable hunting companion
or a titled retriever.

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If you’re an avid hunter, you want…

  • A dependable retriever
  • A dog who not only thrives in hunting environments but is trained to retrieve with precision
  • A dog you simply enjoy being with

Some are born to be tested.

Do you want… 

  • A titled dog that’s trained by the best?
  • A hunt test dog that runs for titles?
  • Titles to add to your dog’s pedigree?

I can help your dog receive the following titles: 

  • AKC (American Kennel Club) Titles
    • (JH) Junior Hunter
    • (SH) Senior Hunter
    • (MH) Master Hunter
  • UKC (United Kennel Club) Titles
    • (SHR) Started Hunting Retriever
    • (HR) Hunting Retriever
    • (HRCH) Hunting Retriever Champion

I'll help your dog reach its potential, whether you're looking for a hunting companion or a titled retriever.

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